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I offer a wide range of dental services in my personal clinic. You will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan with all the pros and cons prior to the start of any procedure. I follow all my patients' progress so that you can be sure of post treatment follow-up. To make an appointment or to learn more about the dental services or to ask me anything, please go through my website.


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Our Dental Services

dentalbasics Cosmetic Dentistry

Make your teeth look younger and brighter !!

dentalbasics Root Canal Treatment

The backbone of modern dentistry. Helps in preserving your natural dentition.

dentalbasics Teeth Whitening

Fully cosmetic and optional procedure.

dentalbasics Child Dentistry

Dental treatment for our future generation.

dentalbasics Implant Dentistry

The most advanced form of dental treatment.

dentalbasics Dental Fillings

Fillings should be done at the earliest observation of caries or fracture. So that extensive procedures in the future can be avoided.

dentalbasics Crowns & Bridges

Permanent solution to replace missing or broken teeth.

dentalbasics Preventive Dental Treatment

Strengthen the developing teeth of your child and make him less susceptible to caries.

dentalbasics Emergency Dentistry

Contact me directly on phone in case of any dental emergency.

dentalbasics Gum Treatment

Please get your teeth cleaned at least once in a year. A lot of expensive re-constructive surgeries can then be avoided.

dentalbasics Orthodontic Treatment

Don't worry about your child's big, crooked teeth till he is 9-10 years old. You can contact me if the mis-alignment is still there.

dentalbasics Dental Jewellery

Fully cosmetic procedure. It can be removed anytime.

dentalbasics Routine Dental Checkup

The most avoided section. Please come before you have a problem, so that it can be minimised if it happens.

dentalbasics Tooth Extraction

Everybody knows what it is !!

dentalbasics Dentures

Dentures can be constructed for a single tooth or several teeth.

dentalbasics Oral Cancer Detection

Oral Cancer

What Our Patients Say

Have known Debraj for many years now, both as a friend and as a patient. He is very nice person, humble, explains his procedure clearly to patients and does his job best. I was been immensely benefited after my root canal treatment from him. Many thanks and keep up the good work.


It's been few years Dr. that my family & myself taking treatment whenever required & as prescribed by you. All I can say is we are totally satisfied with your diagnosis & treatment. We wish you all the best in your practice. Thanks !


Congratulations sir and best of luck for your new endeavour.


A minute after the tooth extraction today. A molar tooth and a difficult one! But it was painless this time. Tragedy is: it was once extracted 10 years back by a very senior Dentist. Needless to say it was painful as he had to cut my gum to do the extraction. He properly stitched after the extraction. Well it started paining again after 4 months of the extraction. Xray revealed that a portion of the tooth was left behind which the dentist overlooked. It took 10 years to overcome the trauma and to gain courage to get it extracted by a very young, generous and polite Dentist Dr. Debraj Ghosh He is a master man ! Friends you may check his website or may contact him for appointment at 9830171297.



Dr. Debraj Ghosh, better known as Raja to me as he is my next door neighbour. At a very young age he has taken a huge step forward in setting up his own clinic, kudoos to him for the same. As a dentist and as a person he is to good and well behaved. His clinic is always clean and hospitable. His diagnosis is good and maintains a great personal relationship with patient. Keep up the good work and flourish more and more, cheers


In 2010 I loss my two teeth in an accident... After then I thought I lose my smile also. Then I meet him in National hospital. I don't really understand what he did. Anyways when someone says my smily face looking good... I think it's just because of him.


Hi Doc, beautiful website!! You have a very clean clinic and good skills. Keep up the good work :)


I had a very good experience with Dr.Ghosh.He is more experienced doctor and an amazing human being as well.... Congratulation and keep up the good work...Thank you


Very happy with my treatments at Dr. Debraj Ghosh's clinic. recently had a molar removed and was pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable he made the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Debraj.


Heartiest congratulations Dr Debraj Ghosh for his website. I am very much impressed by his way of treatment, hygiene and of course his soft and caring nature. Wish him all the very best..... Thank You Doctor!!!!!


Dr Debraj Ghosh is one of the best Dental Doctors I have come across. I have taken multiple services under his guidance and i am very satisfied with his service and attitude towards his patients. My father also recommends him to every person as he has been equally satisifed with Dr Debraj . Cleanliness at the clinic is 100% . I truly would recomment Doctor Debraj to all my close people as i am extremely happy with his knowledge and expertise.


One of the best dental clinic I have visited.. I have got tooth filling treatment for multiple teeth n I am extremely happy with his treatment and hygiene.


I just want to say a big "thank you" and to your staff as well for the pleasant work you've done.Your kindness and your service attitude towards your patients,I really appreciate it.I am very happy with my new whitening teeth,my teeth too feel so clean all day.Thank you again for everything and may God shower his blessing on you always.. :-) :-)


Great experience. Dr. Debraj Ghosh is one of the most eminent doctors of today. He handles patients with great care. What actually grabbed my attention is the way he deals with patients and the time and dedication he proposes. Cleanliness and discipline of the chamber is what attracts me. Wish you luck, Sir


Congrats for your website. I am alot impressed with him work. He knows every tits and bits of treatment. I come to him whenever I am facing problem. And he always cures it well.


Me and my mom first met him at Apollo for my mom's root canel. And trust me on that very first day of our appointment with him we were too impressed by his way of treatment and which lead to furter expansion of appointments. And now his new clinic is too good,well maintained and cures well!


My parents including myself are very much grateful to Dr. Debraj Ghosh for his careful treatment with soft behaviour.


Hi Doc, I'm so happy to be one of the happy customers to pen down my experience at your chambers. You are the best. I have no more aches and pains thanks to you. Keep up the good work. Cheers. Samantha.


Hello doctor....M gud. N we all enjoyed your checkup doctor...n you checked us well. N congratulations for the opening of ur website doctor.