Our Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Make your teeth look younger and brighter !!

Root Canal Treatment

The backbone of modern dentistry. Helps in preserving your natural dentition.

Teeth Whitening

Fully cosmetic and optional procedure.

Child Dentistry

Dental treatment for our future generation.

Implant Dentistry

The most advanced form of dental treatment.

Dental Fillings

Fillings should be done at the earliest observation of caries or fracture. So that extensive procedures in the future can be avoided.

Crowns & Bridges

Permanent solution to replace missing or broken teeth.

Preventive Dental Treatment

Strengthen the developing teeth of your child and make him less susceptible to caries.

Emergency Dentistry

Contact me directly on phone in case of any dental emergency.

Gum Treatment

Please get your teeth cleaned at least once in a year. A lot of expensive re-constructive surgeries can then be avoided.

Orthodontic Treatment

Don't worry about your child's big, crooked teeth till he is 9-10 years old. You can contact me if the mis-alignment is still there.

Dental Jewellery

Fully cosmetic procedure. It can be removed anytime.

Routine Dental Checkup

The most avoided section. Please come before you have a problem, so that it can be minimised if it happens.

Tooth Extraction

Everybody knows what it is !!


Dentures can be constructed for a single tooth or several teeth.