Twice a day. After breakfast and after dinner.

I advise you to use a soft/ultrasoft toothbrush (regular design). Please change every 2 months.

No sir. I use it regularly. Please use it before brushing. Once a day is enough.

Absolutely no sir. It removes the debris and bacteria, makes your gums healthy and teeth strong. Scaling does not remove any enamel.

Sir, you should come for a yearly checkup. If I observe you have good oral hygiene, then very well. It is ideal to do a scaling and polishing once a year.

To be honest, it pinches a bit. But I generally use topical anaesthesia before the procedure.

Radiographs are needed only in a very few cases, sir.

In my 6 years clinical experience, I have not yet faced such a condition. Generally speaking, unless it is a major operation, dental surgeries can be done in an outdoor setting.

Absolutely none. Proper medications are given before the procedure. To say the truth, you will feel slight pressure sensation only. 

Root Canal Treatment is a very safe and effective procedure to preserve teeth. I keep in mind long term prognosis before advising RCT. That means, I do not tell my patients to do RCT on a grossly decayed or a severely mobile tooth.

You will not feel anything during the procedure. Sometimes there may be slight discomfort for a couple of days. After that it subsides gradually. On the subsequent appointments, you will not feel anything.

2-3 with a total time span of 2-4 weeks. I do not do single sitting RCT.

This is a little controversial topic sir. Silver fillings have been practised for more than a century. If you have less than 2-3 big fillings, nothing to worry. Tooth coloured composite restorations are a good alternative.

Please consult your doctor regarding how much calcium you should take for your well-being. As for the dental aspect, it does not have a lot of significance after 15-16 years of age.

Brush twice a day. Change brush every 2 months. Please see that he does not swallow any paste. For children less than 4-6 years old, please use a sterile gauze moistened with warm water or saline and scrub his gums, cheek, lips, tongue and teeth before bed. Should not fall asleep with a bottle or a pacifier. Must thoroughly rinse/brush/scrub after bottle feeding. Green vegetables and fruits are essential. Rinse after juices/cold drinks. Brush after sweets/chocolates. Please consult for fluoride treatment to strengthen his enamel when he is 6+.


If you see free space, definitely.

Sir, my clinic is on the ground floor with a total of 3 steps from the road. You will be fine.

Sure sir. Please contact me directly to get an appointment.

Sure. As long as you have good gums and healthy bones, braces would work for you.

You can do a removable denture for a single tooth, two teeth, three teeth....and so on. And kindly try to maintain the remaining teeth.

All dental treatments are part of modern medical procedures. It is not any goods that is bought or returned from the market. So please don’t ask for any warranty to any treatment.